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Matrimonial ads seeking vaccinated groom! True or Fake?


Matrimonial ads – Bride seeking vaccinated groom! Anti Vaccination guy’s stunned.



There is a growing interest in vaccinating for people in India as vaccination is so important to combat the impact of Covid-19 infection.

In this instance, an advertisement for a Matrimonial advertisement in an English newspaper dated June 4, 2021, goes viral. The news states that “the bride vaccinated with two doses of Covshield vaccine so we are looking for a Covshield vaccinated groom” whereas this news is going viral in India.

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Congress MP Sasi Tharoor also shared this on his Twitter page. After Sasi Tharoor shared it, the news media also started publishing it. Currently, this newspaper page is spread all over Tamil Nadu. Therefore, we decided to find out about its authenticity.

Fact Check:

The newspaper that goes viral as “vaccinated groom needs” is not real, it is a generated newspaper page that was created. Providing the details at creates a newspaper-like page.

Let’s compare the date on the newspaper page that went viral on the fodey website and the page of the fake newspaper we created for testing it. In both, the characters are shown on the right side are same.

However, it is better for the bride and groom to be vaccinated before the wedding. According to Dr Praveen, “Pregnant women are not vaccinated due to lack of proper testing. Some countries are advising to vaccinate them voluntarily. But, that is not done here. Because they are not vaccinated, the risk of infection and the child’s life is at risk when compared to others. Everyone should be vaccinated. For couples, those who plan to have a child should be vaccinated in advance. ”


In our search, we came to know that the newspaper page seeking vaccinated groom in a Matrimonial ads column that went viral was a fake newspaper page.

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