Are war widows receiving pensions only in the Modi government?


This is what a former defence personnel has to say.

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Rishi Bagree, frequent misinformation peddler, uploaded a 47-second video to X (previously Twitter). An ex-Indian force member is shown in the video saying that Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister in history to perform well in the defence sector. He claimed that widows did not receive pensions under the Congress government defence, but they did under the Modi administration.

A similar claim was shared by BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) supporters and can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching to know about pensionary benefits to widows of Air Force personnel, we found the website of Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare. It states that the department administers (i) Pension Regulations for the Army (PRA), 1961, revised as PRA, 2008 (ii) Pension Regulations for the Air Force, 1961, and (iii) Navy (Pension) Regulation, 1964.

We found “Pension regulations for The Air Force, 1961” with the regulations of pensions to widows of commissioned officers. Another document dated 2010 on Controller General of Defence Accounts explains the special family pension and liberalised family pension on remarriage of widow. These documents clarify that pensions were provided to widows of Air Force personnel even before 2014.

A press release by Defence Ministry on PIB website reported about revision of pension of Armed Forces Pensioners/family pensioners under One Rank One Pension which was implemented after 2014 under Modi government. The report stated that the benefit would be extended to war widows.

Also, YouTurn contacted Pandian M, an Ex-Serviceman and retired Indian Air Force Joint Warrant Office, and deputy committee member of the JCOs Or Veterans Association (JOVA). The JOVA is to help rectify the problem of pension issues for veterans and family pensioners. He clarified us that defence widow pensioners are getting pensions not just after the Narendra Modi regime, but even before that.

He also told us, “It’s not about Congress or the Modi regime; for years, every widow pensioner of the Air Force is getting a pension. No matter which party or who is ruling, it’s part of every government policy from the beginning.”

This clarifies that these claims are false and baseless. Air Force widow pensioners were getting pension even before Modi government was formed. Though revisions are being made now in the pension provided to war widows, the claim that they are receiving pensions only after Modi government is false.

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The ex-Air Force serviceman’s statement in the viral video which was shared in the context that war widows did not receive pensions under the Congress government defence, is false and baseless.

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