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Was a temple priest attacked by Muslim fundamentalists in Rajasthan during Maha Shivratri?

A murder due to a family feud is misused to create communal hatred between Hindus and Muslims.


Hindu society in danger in Rajasthan!! Muslim fundamentalists attack Mahadev temple The priest of the temple and his family were also attacked by fundamentalists. The priest and his family were preparing for Mahashivratri. The incident took place at Selaswar Mahadev Temple in Dudu, Rajasthan.

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A video of a person getting stabbed is shared across several social media platforms with a claim that the priest of a Mahadev Temple was attacked while he was preparing for the Mahashivratri festival. Mahashivratri was on 18th February 2023. It is being claimed by some social media users that the attack was done by Muslim fundamentalists and the incident took place in Selaswar Mahadev Temple in Dudu, Rajasthan.

What’s the truth?

We took the video and reverse image searched it along with a keyword search. It led us to a tweet by ANI Hindi News twitter handle.

In the tweet, ANI had quoted the Jodhpur Assistant Commissioner of Police Nazim Ali Khan as saying that the victim was a lawyer and he was killed by Anil Chauhan and Mukesh Chauhan. Further search about the incident led us to an article from Dainik Baskar in which it is said that the victim was identified as Jugraj Chauhan.

Moreover, the murder was committed due to a property dispute and the two murderers were relatives (cousins) of the victim. This murder was due to an enmity from a family feud.

This has been confirmed by the Jodhpur Police as well. But, a video of this murder is used to spread a malicious misinformation that the Muslims attacked a temple priest.


In our search, we find that the video of a murder committed due to a family land dispute is spread with a communally charged claim that a priest of a temple is attacked by Muslims.

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