This article is from Nov 16, 2021

Was Rangaraj Pandey’s Chanakyaa YouTube channel hacked?


And, with all your wishes we are growing sharply. The proof is, Chanakyaa youtube channel is been HACKED. We have reported to YouTube. All other platforms like, Facebook & Twitter are going steady. By God’s grace, we will continue to do our services – Rangaraj Pandey.

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Rangaraj Pandey has tweeted that his YouTube channel is hacked and that he has reported it to YouTube.


What is the Truth?


Rangaraj Pandey has claimed that his YouTube channel Chanakyaa is hacked by hackers. When a YouTube channel is hacked, the entire hold of the channel will be under the hacker’s control. When the page is removed by the hacker, it says “This channel does not exist”.


Sample link of a YouTube channel deleted by its owner


When the YouTube owner deletes the page, this is how it displays:

When a specific video is removed, the YouTube page says “This content is not available”. However, when Rangaraj Pandey’s Chanakyaa YouTube channel is clicked, it says “This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines”.


When Chanakyaa YouTube channel is clicked:

The Chanakyaa YouTube channel is terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Reasons on why the page has been terminated would have been sent as a mail to the respective page’s owner.

In case Chanakyaa YouTube channel is hacked as claimed by Rangaraj Pandey, there is a possibility for the hacker to post content violating the community guidelines which would have led to the channel’s termination. But that would have been available for the public to view if the hacker has published such a video. But no such information is found. Till now there is no evidence to accept that the Chanakyaa channel is hacked. We tried reaching Rangaraj Pandey, but could not reach him. If they provide proof for the claim that the channel is hacked, we will update the article.



Rangaraj Pandey’s Chanakyaa YouTube channel was not hacked but was terminated by YouTube for violating its Community Guidelines. The claim of Rangaraj Pandey that his Chanakyaa page is hacked is fake.



As soon as Chanakyaa Youtube channel is revived, Rangaraj Pandey has tweeted, “We are back in 24 hours after hacking. God’s grace and your support have made it possible. We will work with even more enthusiasm and truthness now”.

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