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Was the BJP youth caught while hacking an EVM machine in Bihar?


In the Bihar election, sangi who was caught while hacking the #EVM machine, were it can cast 8000 votes in 2 minutes.

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On the Facebook page of Arasiyal Naiyandi, a user had posted a 4.33-minute video claiming that the youth who hacked the EVM machine in the Bihar election were it could cast 8,000 votes in 2 minutes with a hand-held device, in which the youth would work in court.

In Bihar, the video of BJP members hacking the voting machine has been posted on several Facebook pages and shared by thousands. We explored to find out its authenticity.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections in Bihar. But, the Election Commission denied it. Similarly, there were no reports that the voting machine (EVM) was hacked in Bihar or that the above video took place in Bihar state. If such an incident had taken place it would have received national attention. But, nothing like that happened.

At the beginning of the viral video, the young man is said to have hacked the voting machine in the Rookie area. The village of Rookie is not in the state of Bihar but comes under the Baroda Assembly constituency of Haryana. Apart from the Bihar state assembly elections, by-elections were also held in several states.

The by-election for Baroda constituency was declared and held due to the death of Shri Krishnan Hooda Dood, MLA of Baroda constituency. The Congress’ Hindu Raj Narwal has won this election.

While searching for the incident or allegation that the voting machine was hacked in Baroda constituency, a news item about Baroda constituency was published in Hindi on on November 4.

Translating it, he said, “People have been attacking young people who were handing out ballots (e-voter sleep) outside polling stations thinking they were hacking the voting machine. This is not just happening in one village, it is happening in more than 10 villages.

In the front village of Baroda constituency, a young man has been giving voters sleep slips with the help of cell phone WiFi through a small device. The youth was attacked and locked in a house thinking he was paying fake votes. He was released after being shown the slip from the tool. Similarly, rumors are circulating that voting machines are being hacked in villages including Rivada, Nizampur and Rookie. Authorities and police have reported the e-voter slip device in the hands of the youths.

In the Baroda constituency by-election, members of the Congress party have taken video of youths with small tools in hand in several villages. Congressmen have accused BJP members of hacking the voting machine. However, it was later revealed on the website Haribumi that the tool in the hands of the youths was a tool used to issue e-voter slips.





In our search, the video and information spread that a BJP youth was caught hacking an EVM machine during the Bihar elections was false. The video was taken in Ruby village in Haryana, not Bihar. It is learned that the young man had only a small tool used to issue the e-voter slip in his hand.




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