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Women died on the protest by the water tanker crash! Did it happen by BJP?


The BJP government has ruthlessly loaded a tractor on 5 women and killed them who led the way against the police . They killed them by the tractor that brought water to the protesting farmers in Delhi.

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The 1.35 – minute video has gone viral, with reports that the BJP government had killed five women when a tractor carrying water for protesting farmers in Delhi collided head-on with a group of women protesting against the police action. The video, which was shared on Pushpa Henriraj’s Facebook page, has gone viral with over 3,000 shares.

The lorry went a short distance and came to a standstill as the women were seriously injured when the water tanker collided with the crowd. The driver is caught and attacked by locals. The BJP has been sharing the news across India claiming that the accident took place.

Fact Check:

Searching with keywords like water tanker colliding with protesting women, “The accident is said to have taken place during a tractor rally in support of farmers in Amritsar, Punjab. Two women were killed and three others were injured when a water tanker collided with a group of women marching in the Valla area of ​​Amritsar.

The tanker ran without the driver’s control and collided with the women. People those who present there immediately caught the driver and handed him over to the Valla police. The police investigation has revealed that the person who caused the accident did not have a driver’s license, ”Amar Ujala reported on January 26, 2021.

NDTV, ZeeANI and other news outlets have reported on the death of women in an accident in the Valla area of ​​Punjab.

The water tanker collided with 50,60 women who went to the protest in Valla in support of the farmers’ protest. An eyewitness said that the villagers caught the driver and handed him over to the police, ”the ANI news agency reported.

The news spread across India that there were BJP’s political reasons behind the accident. However, Valla police SHO Sanjeev Kumar and Amritsar City Law and Order DCP Jagamohan Singh both told India Today that the accident was not politically motivated and that the tanker lost control of its driver.


In our search, the information spread by the BJP government set that the tanker which was loaded with water and massacred on women who fought against the police action in Delhi was false.

A water tanker collided head-on with a group of women protesting in support of farmers in the Valla area of ​​Punjab on January 26. It is learned that Valla and Amritsar police have said that there was no political connection to the accident.

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