Waterproof makeup demo video is falsely shared as bride’s beauty tested by groom’s family.


The “check if her beauty is natural test” live at a wedding done by the groom’s family. Thoughts?

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A video purportedly showing a bride dipping her face in a bowl full of water is widely circulated. The words written on the viral video is translated as “The groom’s family makes sure that he is divine beauty, not makeup”. This video is shared to claim that it is a live test by the groom’s family to check if her beauty is natural at a wedding.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral video we found a video uploaded on a Youtube channel ‘Elegance Treasure’ in September 2022. The logo of this Youtube channel and the one seen in the viral video seems to have matched. The description of the shorts asks the name of this strange custom in wedding traditions. And this video appear to have better resolution than the viral video.

When watching this video we found a woman wearing a tag with ‘Asmitha Make..’ written on it. In addition to it, we also found the background banner with the words ‘Asmitha’ and ‘Bridal Workshop’.

With further search, we found the original video from the Instagram page ‘Asmitha Makeover Artistry’. This video was uploaded on 20, April 2022 with the caption “Waterproof makeup demonstrated for my Bangalore participants”. We also found a couple of other videos that show waterproof makeup on her page.

The model seen in the video is identified as Rithika Shetty and her photos in the same attire are featured on the Instagram and Facebook pages of Asmitha Makeover Artistry.


It is found that waterproof makeup demonstrated in a bridal workshop is falsely shared as a live test by the groom’s family to test the bride’s beauty.

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