Were “Uddav Thackeray” slogans raised in the Eknath Shinde rally? No, the claims are false!

The person in the viral video has clarified the allegations and asked the people to not misuse the video


Eknath Shinde be like Galat rally me aa gaya kya

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The seven phases of the 2024 Indian general elections are scheduled from April 19, 2024, to June 1, 2024. The outcome of the vote-counting procedure will be released to the public on June 4, 2024. The Lok Sabha election has already finished its first four rounds. Ahead of the fifth phase of the election, both main parties are mounting vigorous campaigns.

In this instance, a scene from a rally is captured in a 26-second video. Here, CM Eknath Shinde is seen riding in an open car with a few individuals riding bikes next to him. We also hear some chants being yelled by the folks riding the two-wheeled vehicle. An infographic titled “Uddhavsaheb’s cheering in the campaign of traitors” is also included in the post. This is shared stating, “Eknath Shinde be like I came in the wrong rally” in a context that Uddhav thackerey’s slogans were raised in the rally. Come let’s check the authenticity of the viral video.

What’s the truth?

Using the video’s viral keyframes and a pertinent keyword search, we began our investigation. This directed us to an Instagram account where the original creator of the video addressed the accusations made against it. The username is Atish Gharat.

The post includes the viral video and him addressing the camera, claiming that the footage has been distorted and that he has always supported Shinde Saheb.

Also, the post is captioned “People should not misuse the video. I am only a supporter of Shinde Saheb and my announcement was for Shinde Saheb.”


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A post shared by Atish Gharat (@atish.gharat2021)

It is evident from this video that the reports are baseless and misleading as the user refutes the claims of screaming Uddhav’s name in front of Shinde.


Therefore, we conclude that the widely circulated rumor that Shiv Sena members sang Uddhav Thackeray’s chants in front of Eknath Shinde during the event is false. The individual in the video has stated that the charges are incorrect, the film is being exploited, and that he is an activist of Eknath Saheb.

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Indu Meenakshi

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