This article is from May 05, 2021

Fact Check: BJP woman executive raped and murdered in West Bengal?


Saraswati Jana, sister of West Bengal BJP women’s executive, was raped and murdered by a Trinamool Congress rowdy gang.

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A 20-year-old college student has been raped and murdered by Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress party thugs in West Bengal, and posts with hashtags seeking justice for the woman have gone viral on social media.

In some posts, the woman who was raped and murdered is said to be the woman administrator and in-charge of the West Bengal BJP, and in some posts, the incident took place as a result of her election works to the BJP. Readers are being asked about its authenticity.

Fact Check:

Searching for the name and incident of the woman’s name on social networking sites, including Twitter, displayed posts with the hashtag for the woman, as well as right-wing website posts. No news from leading companies was shown.

On May 4, the Hindu Post published a viral article titled ” college student saswati jana (20) raped and killed in west midnapore “. A 20-year-old 2nd-year student at Debra College in West Midnapore has been raped and murdered, and police have arrested some workers working in the area.

As an update at the end of the article, “Earlier in the article it was said that there were 6 Trinamool Congress thugs behind the rape and murder of Saswati Jana. However, that claim has not been verified and the article has been updated accordingly. ”

So, they first mentioned that the girl was raped and murdered and belonged to the Trinamool Congress party and later changed. Also, nowhere in the article is it mentioned that the dead woman belonged to the BJP.

The incident took place on the news website thebengalpost on May 4, while searching for a photo of Reverse Image for a dead woman.

A 20-year-old college student has been raped and murdered in Jamna village, including the Pingala police station in West Midnapore district. The woman’s body is being started in the construction area. Two workers who came for work did it. They also have the help of a female worker. A case has been registered against 3 persons in connection with the incident during a protest demanding justice for the deceased woman. They will be produced in court. Therefore, the police were told to give up the struggle. ”

In this message, the name and age of the victim and the rapist are mentioned. However, no details of political parties were mentioned. Only right-wing websites and social media pages mention the dead woman as belonging to the BJP.

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Earlier, two BJP election agents in West Bengal were rumoured to have been gang-raped by members of the Trinamool Congress. The West Bengal Police had denied it and given an explanation.


In our search, they are misrepresenting the incident of gang rape and murder of a 20-year-old college student in West Bengal with political motives.

The death of a female BJP executive has been continuously reported on social media by right-wing pages. The rape and murder of that 20-year-old college student are true however she has no political link with BJP.

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