This article is from Oct 16, 2020

Can we earn via WhatsApp status? Scam Alert!


Is your WhatsApp status viewed by over 30 people? That means you too can earn up to 500 rupees a day! Register Now: #parttimejob #tamilonlinework #verified



Over the last few days a forward information including WhatsApp has been circulating that you can earn up to Rs 500 per day if you get more than 30 views on the status of your WhatsApp. Many people thought this to be true and posted the forward message on their WhatsApp statuses.

This is one of the most widely spread fraudulent news that you can earn online and offer free internet, phone, laptop. When we went to the given link, the information was given in Tamil.

Conditions given on that website:

  1. You will need to take a screenshot of the views you have received on your WhatsApp status and send it to them.
  2. Users who receive less than 30 views per status will not be allowed to join.
  3. You can share up to 20 ads in your status in a day
  4. We only allow withdrawals through Google Pay, PhonePay, PayTM. Bay Out takes place every Saturday

– is referred to as. They create a fake website and lure people and then get your personal details and bank details and get caught in the scam.

Facebook link | Archive link

On the Tenkasi District Police Facebook page, “Police Warning !!
You can earn up to Rs.500 per day by viewing your WhatsApp status with more than 30 people. A new type of money laundering scam is currently spreading through WhatsApp. So people should be very wary of people who do such fraudulent work !! ” warned about the forward link.

Facebook link | Archive link


The forward news that you can make money by posting WhatsApp status went viral not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Malayalam, Kerala. The Kerala Police has said on its Facebook page not to get trapped in such scams.

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