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Is it a Cancer Affected Goat Meat | What is the truth?


Don’t buy this cancerous meat which looks like a white dot on the goat curry. Harmful to our body. Share. WhatsApp post.



Following a photo of the meat with the white spots, the follower who shared the WhatsApp forward that spreads that it is cancerous mutton that can harm the body if eaten, followers asked us to find the truth behind this.

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While the reverse searching the photo of meat, we found some posts titled as, “there are white spots on the meat, that it is caused by animal TB (DP) infection.”

In many languages, the same photo has been shared as that the white spots found on meat in many countries are caused by tuberculosis.

Fact Check:

When asked about this, Dr Praveen said, “White spots on the meat are a sign of bacilli (bacteria). Occasionally, small cysts with worms can be found in beef or pork. These are infections caused by worms or bacteria. This can be eliminated by cooking properly. 

Furthermore, cancer cells are not spread by eating cancer cells. Cancer is caused by one’s own genetic mutation. Eating cancer does not cause cancer. ”

In other countries, the white spots on the meat are referred to as tuberculosis. According to the World Health Organization and several international health groups, “Mycobacterium and M. Bovis are two types of bacteria that cause tuberculosis in humans.

Of these, M. Bovis is spread when eating contaminated milk and other dairy products. Also, it spreads to humans when they eat meat that is not cooked properly.

In the photo, you can see the ulcers caused by bovine tuberculosis infection in the meat of wild deer. But experts say doctors can eliminate the risk of infection by cooking the meat properly.

In 2017, the Arabic language website EL Balad News published a photo of the virus as rotten meat. Not to mention meat that has been infected with cancer and tuberculosis.


In our search, the information that spreads as cancerous meat which appears as a white dot on the goat meat is false information. We were also able to learn that this photo has been circulating in many languages ​​for some years, such as tuberculosis, worms, rotten meat.

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