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Corona is a seasonal virus! – WHO’s video | What is the truth?


BREAKING NEWS: The world doctors’ association has fully acknowledged its mistake by taking a big turn, claiming that corona is a seasonal virus. It is a cold sore throat during the change of seasons. No need to panic. The WHO now says the corona patient does not need to be isolated or the public needs separate space. It does not spread from one patient to another. See the WHO press conference ????



In recent days many news and posts in social media posts claim that “Coronavirus is a seasonal virus that does not require social distance and does not require self-isolation.”

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This 4-minute video went viral globally in October last year. The same video is currently circulating again. Readers also asked us to post about its authenticity.


  1. WHO has fully hit a big turn. Corona patients do not need to be isolated.

2. Covid-19 is not contagious.

3. The coronavirus is a common flu virus

4. False positive PCR test

5. No need for mask and vaccine.

What is the truth?

1.Do corona patients not need to be isolated and socially isolated?

The first woman to speak in the 4-minute video is named Elke De Klark, founder of General Physicians. Searching for her revealed that she was a member of a group of health professionals called the “World Doctors Alliance” and that those in the video were also members of that group.

The World Doctors Alliance is the only NGO group of doctors, nurses, health professionals, and staff globally, they have not linked the WHO.

In fact, the World Health Organization says that even asymptomatic people should be isolated, which they also can spread the virus. Therefore, wearing a mask and following the social distance is said to be very important in controlling the spread.

2. Is there no Covid-19 epidemic?

The World Health Organization defines a pandemic as a “new disease with a global spread.” The Covid-19 epidemic began its second wave worldwide and challenged many lives. Although many countries in the world are coping with the Covid-19 epidemic, countries like India are being hit hard.

3. Is the coronavirus a normal flu virus?

The coronavirus is not a normal flu virus. According to the World Health Organization, “coronaviruses are a type of virus family. Normal colds can cause serious illnesses such as measles and mumps.

The death toll from a previously unrecognized coronavirus continues to rise. In particular, the second wave of Covid-19 in India has claimed thousands of lives. The tragedy of people dying without access to oxygen service is also happening here.

4. False positive PCR test?

Physician Elke De Klark, ”It is incorrect to say that 89 to 94% of the PCR test reports as false positive.

The specificity of RT-PCR detection of SARS COV 2-Z in a sample taken from the nose and throat is 98%. That means that only 2 out of 100 samples will give false-positive results, according to News 18 news report by Dr Niket Roy. The RT-PCR series has been in use in the Covid-19 model test only last year.

5. Do not need a mask and vaccine?

Wearing a mask is to control the spread of infection from one person to another. Similarly, the vaccine reduces the chances of infection or reduces the severity of symptoms and those who are fully vaccinated are less likely to spread the virus.

There is a drive against Vaccination for Covid-19 infection that is going in full swing worldwide by this conspiracy. People in India are interested in getting vaccinated.

Read more: Does the mask prevent oxygen levels? – ICMR Scientist Interview!

We have already clarified and published the rumours and misinformation about the mask and the vaccine. Also, see ICMR scientist Ganesh Kumar’s interview for Youturn.


In our search, those doctors in the 4-minute video that goes viral that the World Health Organization hit a big turn are not the World Health Organization’s team of doctors. The video was released last year and has spread around the world. One by one, we can confirm that the information in that video is false based on past events.

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