Will people get ₹5 for empty bottles in Ayodhya? No, the deposit amount will be refunded while returning.


In Ayodhya, you get 5 rupees for returning an empty water bottle.

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Bisleri Greener Promise, Bisleri’s sustainability initiative, is taking a big step toward eco-friendly living in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Teaming up with local authorities, Bisleri plans to install over 200 recycling bins along a 5-kilometer area near the famous Ayodhya Ram Mandir, encouraging plastic recycling in the region.

Meanwhile, a post was widely shared on social media, claiming that in Ayodhya, you get 5 rupees for returning empty plastic water bottles. We can see in the viral post a person holding a Bisleri water bottle, and we also see a QR code on it.

Similar claims were widely shared by social media users and can be seen here, here, here, here, and here.

What is the Truth?

We ran a keyword search and found the original image posted on February 7, 2024, by Ayodhya Municipal Commissioner IAS Vishal Singh’s official X handle with the caption “Excited to announce Rambhoomi Swachh Bhoomi, our latest effort to keep #Ayodhya pristine in the wake of the historic Ram Mandir inauguration, We’re introducing a Deposit Refund System (DRS) to manage plastic waste effectively.”

He added, “Saryu Ghat and Ram Mandir areas now have strict rules about plastic use. All plastic items must have a QR code. Pay an extra 5 rupee deposit, and you’ll get it back when you recycle at any Kabadiwala center.”

Over 30 refund centers are opening, offering jobs to over 100 locals, including many waste workers.

Additionally, we also found the tweet from Kabadiwala’s official X handle with the caption, “In Ayodhya, if you return the empty bottle at the refund center, you will get ₹5 deposit back.

This is an initiative by @TheKabadiwala, along with the Nagar Nigam Ayodhya, to keep Ayodhya clean. They named this drive #RamBhoomiSwachhBhoomi !!”

So it clarified that whoever returns an empty bottle will not get five rupees in Ayodhya. Rather, they will charge the customers an extra 5 rupees while buying water bottles and snacks, and later it will be refunded when the empty bottles are returned to any Kabadiwala center.


The viral claim that returning the empty bottles to Ayodhya will get ₹5 is misleading. People will get their deposit amount back while returning the empty bottles or chips packets.

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