Woman climbed tower not to suicide but to protest at PM Modi’s rally in Telangana


Telangana: #TelanganaElections2023 Watch this scary incident that happened at PM Modi’s public meeting as the girl climbed a pillar to attempt suicide to express her protest against the BJP-BRS Government. The youth are troubled by unemployment and hunger, where should they go? Now people are even thinking of committing suicide at the Prime Minister’s rally.

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In the shared 31-second video, we see PM Modi addressing the public. While we hear his speech we also see a girl climbing a nearby tower. Amidst the speech, this sudden move of the girl prompted the PM to request the girl and persuade her to come down back as it’s dangerous to do such things.

We also hear him assuring the girl, “Beti come down, I will listen to you (beti in Hindi means daughter) please, get down of the tower.” This post was shared stating that an unemployed youth tried to commit suicide during Modi’s rally in the Telangana. A similar claim can be seen here.

What’s the truth?

We found the original video shared by the YouTube channel namely ‘The Tribune.’ The video was uploaded on 11 November 2023 and titled “PM Modi urges the woman to climb down from electric tower during his rally in Hyderabad.”

After listening to the whole speech and video we didn’t find anywhere that the girl was going to commit suicide rather it seemed she was protesting by climbing the tower in order to gain the attention of the PM.

Also, we got an article from The Hindustan Times regarding the same issue which says “The prime minister was heard repeatedly urging the woman to get down from the tower as it was dangerous.”

“Please don’t climb up the tower. The wire is not proper and may lead to a short circuit. It is not the right thing to do. Please get down from the tower. I am here to listen to you”, PM Modi told the woman. During the rally PM Modi addressed the Madiga community people, their struggle, and how he will give the highest priority to those who are deprived.

While searching further, we found another article from ‘Deccan Chronicle’ captioned Telangana: Girl at BJP meet climbs pole in protest.”

According to the article, the girl who climbed a light mast at the PM Narendra Modi’s meeting later said that the categorization of Dalits was wrong. She said that if the Centre was properly enforcing the law and the judiciary was good, why would child rapes happen. She said the rates of essentials had increased and the middle class was unable to make a living.

“The PM should do justice to all communities, castes, and religions. The PM is not seeing everyone equally. He should not associate himself with one religion”, she said.

This same news was also covered by ‘The Siasat Daily.’ The girl speaking to the media lashed at the BJP leader and accused Modi of misguiding the country and dividing people in the name of religion and caste.

This clarifies that the girl climbing the tower was not for suicide rather it was for a protest. 


Thus, we conclude that the viral claim stating that an unemployed woman climbed over a tower to suicide in Telangana during PM Modi’s speech is completely false.

To sum up, she did not try to commit suicide but to protest against the BJP rule. 

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