The woman hugging Messi emotionally in the viral video clip is not his mother




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A video clip of a woman running towards Messi and hugging him after the victory of Argentina in the FIFA World Cup finals held on 18, December 2022 is shared on social media with the claim that the woman is Lionel Messi’s mother. It is shared widely that Messi is celebrating the victory with his mother. Several mainstream media outlets including Daily Mail, Mirror, and Hindustan Times reported the woman as Messi’s mother, Celia Maria Cuccittini. Several social media posts too claim the same and some can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

The woman emotionally hugging Messi is found to be Antonia Farias, a much loved Argentina national team Chef, reported The Sun article dated 20, December 2022.

The NDTV Sports article dated 20, December 2022 is found carrying a picture of Messi hugging his mother Celia. She is seen in a purple jersey during and post the match.

The News 18 article dated 19, December 2022 titled ‘Lionel Messi Hugs His Mum After FIFA World Cup Win, Cameras Capture Emotional Moment’ is found carrying the image of Messi hugging his mother Celia.

The Argentinian website ‘La Nacion’ in an article dated 19, December 2022 titled ‘Who is Antonia Farías, the woman with whom Lionel Messi merged into an emotional hug after becoming world champion?’ confirms that the woman is not Messi’s mother but the cook of the national team.

The ‘Evoke’ website published on 19, December 2022, the image of Messi with his mother Celia who can be seen in purple jersey.

The Daily Mail article seems to have posted two pictures mentioning as Messi’s mother, out of which one turns out to be Antonia, the Chef.


It is found that the woman who is seen running and emotionally hugging Messi in the video clip is Antonia Farias, Chef of the Argentina national team, and not Messi’s mother Celia Maria Cuccittini.

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