The woman who said she doesn’t know Hindi at the Goa airport is not the same one who tweeted in Hindi!


Sharmila Rajasekar who said in Goa that she doesn’t not know Hindi has tweeted in Hindi in May.


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At the Goa airport, Sharmila, a Tamil Nadu woman, informed a CISF soldier speaking Hindi that she did not understand the language while she was returning from a trip to Goa with her family. In response, the CISF soldier stated, “Tamil Nadu is located in India. Hindi should be taught to everyone in India.” Sharmila took this to heart and complained to the local CISF officer. In this instance, the incident is now being discussed throughout Tamil Nadu.

Sharmila Rajasekar’s X post, in which she congratulated Rahul Gandhi in Hindi, has been the subject of criticism from several parties, including the BJP and Indu Makkal Katchi, who claimed that Sharmila does not speak Hindi only in Goa. Social media users are circulating a photo of her with the assertion that she is fluent in Hindi. You can view related posts with similar claims here and here.

What’s the truth?

We found a video of Sharmila from Tamil Nadu discussing the incident in an interview with Sun News TV yesterday, December 14, while looking through the news reports.

In it, “While returning from a trip to Goa with my family, I was stopped at the Goa airport to check-in. Then the CISF there asked me something in Hindi. I said I don’t know Hindi. He immediately said “Acha” and used mocking body language. Then he said where are you from? I said Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is in India itself. He said that Hindi is the national language and you must learn it.

Immediately I said that Hindi is the official language and not the national language. Google it immediately and then you will know, he yelled. Even when I told other CISF soldiers about this, they also said that Hindi is the national language that you should learn. Although they were in no mood to understand, I immediately googled it showed it to them, and came away calm. Then I complained to the CISF officer there in the name of my husband. He expressed regret for this,” Sharmila was seen saying in the video.

Now let’s view the Hindi greetings that Sharmila Rajasekar sent to Rahul Gandhi. It was found that she had posted a denial on the same X page regarding the posts claiming that she was already familiar with Hindi.

The post says “it’s not me bro…i know hindi very well”. In a similar vein, Sharmila Chandrasekhar (Viral) has refuted rumors saying that the voice of hers in her YouTube videos and the woman who gave the interview are different.

Additionally, Sharmila Chandrasekhar disclosed in a media interview that she is a Chennai-born software engineer. On her Facebook page, Sharmila Chandrasekhar, the person mentioned in the viral posts, states that she is from Trichy. We are attempting to reach her. We will also include her response in the article when she answers.

Also, journalist Srikkanth of DT Next (Dinathanti) website said on his X page, “We reported today about a TN woman asked to learn Hindi at Goa airport by CISF officials, and the story was followed up in TV. Wanted to clarify that the handles here are directing their ‘criticism’ at the wrong person. The person quoted in the story is not on Twitter” he posted.

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All this information clarifies that these two women are not the same and that the wrong person is being blamed in this instance.


Based on our search, we have determined that the woman who tweeted in Hindi on her X handle is not the same as the one who said she was forced to speak in Hindi at the Goa airport by a CISF soldier. In actuality, the two are distinct individuals.

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