Jyoti Raghuvanshi did not walk on the river Narmada and said there is no miracle.


This mother was walking on the river Narmada and doing Parikrama, she has stopped at Tilwara Ghat, everyone should visit her today.

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A viral video purportedly showing a woman walking in water is shared with claims that she is walking on the river Narmada and is seen crowded in another video where people await to approach her when she emerges from the water to seek her blessings thinking her to be Goddess Narmada Mata. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

The posts in Hindi read as “ये माता जी नर्मदा नदी के ऊपर चल कर परिक्रमा कर रही थी तिलवारा घाट पर रुकी हैं आज उनकेदर्शन सब करे

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that she was not walking on the river as claimed.

A tweet dated 9, April 2023 by Dainik Bhaskar is found carrying glimpses of the viral video mentioning it as “Video of woman walking on water: people started touching her feet as goddess; Woman said – no miracle, there was less water”.

With further search, a news video on the Times of India Youtube channel uploaded on 10, April 2023 mentions that the woman herself says she is no godwoman and that she is doing a pilgrimage of river Narmada. On the other hand, the woman’s family members have said she has been missing from home for the last 10 months and that she is mentally unwell. The police had to step in to restore order as soon as the crowd swelled into thousands.

The police mentioned in the video that “after a rumour was floated about a woman with divine powers, a huge crowd gathered at Gaurighat temple. And later the woman has moved on and the crowd has dissipated”.

The woman identified as Jyoti Raghuvanshi responded that she walked through the river where water is shallow below the knee level when asked about walking on water. When she is questioned if her cloth does not get wet when she bathes, she answered that her clothes dry as she prays around 20 minutes after coming out of the water and that there is no miracle in it. She further added that she had no responsibility at home and that she was on foot for the pilgrimage.


It is found that the claim that a woman walked on river Narmada is false. The woman Jyoti Raghuvanshi clarified that she walked through the river where there is less water below the knee level and that she is no miracle.

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