Did Hindu women beat up a Muslim man in Kerala for misbehaving with them?


In Kerala Hindu girls attacked a Muslim man for his misbehaviour. धर्म हिंसा तथैव #Hindutva #HinduRashtra #India

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A video clip of a gang of women thrashing a man by dragging him out of the car is viral on social media with the claim that the Hindu girls in Kerala attacked a Muslim man for his misbehavior. It is also mentioned “the awakening has started in Kerala. Let’s hope the fire rages on. This is the right way to stop Luv jihad. Our girls must show their DURGA AVTAR to muslims”, in some of the posts. Posts with a similar claim can be seen here, here, here, here, and here. It is also viral on Facebook with a similar claim as Hindu girls attacking Muslim man, love jihad and hindutva tags.

What is the truth?

When searching with the relevant keywords ‘Kerala women attacking a man’ we found multiple news reports on the incident related to the viral video. It is revealed that Hindu girls did not attack a Muslim man for his misbehavior as claimed.

India Today article dated 7, January 2023, titled “11 Kerala women sent to judicial custody for thrashing man, his family” is found carrying an image from the viral video. The article says that the women attacked a man named Shaji who had allegedly morphed a photo of the church’s pastor which he was a part of it earlier. 11 women were remanded to judicial custody after this video went viral on social media.

NDTV article dated 7, January 2023 covered the incident but did not carry any photo related to the incident. It is mentioned “A gang of 59 women allegedly assaulted a man accusing him of circulating morphed photos of another woman through social media in Thrissur district of Kerala. A case has been registered against all the accused and 11 were arrested”. It adds that the accused are devotees of a spiritual retreat center.

ANI on 8, January 2023 reported in an article titled “Kerala: 11 women arrested for assault on man accused of circulating morphed photos in Chalakkudy” that all of the accused are members of Emperor Emmanuel Retreat Centre in Thrissur.


It is found that the claim that Hindu girls attacked a Muslim man for his misbehavior is false. The video is of women members of Emperor Emmanuel Retreat Centre attacking Shaji, who had allegedly morphed and shared a picture of the church’s pastor which he was earlier part of.

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