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DMK is not the first to introduce mobile toilet for women Police !


Our CM Stalin is the first to introduce mobile toilet for female police in Tamil Nadu.



A post claiming that DMK ruled Tamil Nadu has introduced mobile toilet for women police officers along with a picture of a mobile female toilet vehicle on the road seems circulated on social media.

The same picture was published on the social media handles of the news channels including Dinakaran, Kalaignar Seidhigal, Zee News stating as “Introduction of mobile toilet in Tamil Nadu for the benefit of female police officers”.

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We fact-checked it since a few of the posts contained wishes and thanks to the CM claiming it as the DMK government’s introduction.

What is the truth?

A Tamil film ‘Miga Miga avasaram’ brings out the difficulties faced by women police officers on duty caught everyone’s attention. It is on the news about sanctioning mobile toilet for cops during the regime of the ADMK government.

News channels including Times of India, Dinamalar have posted an article in 2016 stating that, “Funds sanctioned for two mobile toilet per district each for female and male police officers for the use of 6 city police officers and 31 district police officers. 6.20 crore worth 64 mobile toilet were introduced for the use of 31 district police officers for the first time”.

News 18 article dated January 2020 states that “Chennai corporation is taking steps to buy mobile toilets costing to 2 crores from the Nirbhaya fund for women police personnel on duty”.

When we searched for the other vehicles sanctioned, we found that 12 mobile toilets were sanctioned to 12 district police officers during the ADMK regime. This information is available on the ‘Times of India’ article dated January 2021 along with an image of the vehicle which looks similar to the one that is currently viral.

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‘Salem City Police’ has tweeted along with the picture of the vehicle on 11th January 2021, “Salem City Police department has got mobile toilets for the use of personnel when they are deployed on duty at the places that lack toilets. Mr. T. Senthil Kumar IPS, Salem City Police visited the vehicle on 11th January 2021”.

It’s written in Tamil on the back of the vehicle that the vehicle is for the use of Female police officers only. The viral picture also looks similar to this vehicle except for which the quote is in English.

We couldn’t track the location of the vehicle but the picture could have been captured in Chennai. The registration number of the vehicle is not seen hence this might be a new vehicle. And it is important to increase the counts of such vehicles.


It is evident that DMK or CM Stalin is not the first government to introduce mobile toilets for female police officers as claimed in the viral posts.

Mobile toilets for female police personnel were introduced even during the rule of the ADMK government. This is proved with several news articles. It was also in the news that Chennai corporation was planning to buy mobile toilets for female police officers in the year 2020.

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