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Is Gayathri Raguramm’s statement regarding white board bus right?


Free bus for women- 1. Only the whiteboard is free but the number of buses is less. 2. The whiteboard bus arrives rarely once and cannot get on the bus in a hurry. 3. You need to pick up the bus from the bus depot. But it will be too late… some bus depots are so far away from home” We have to wait the rest of our lives if we see a whiteboard bus,” by a woman. Will CM talk about this? – Gayathri Raguramm

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Gayathri Raguramm of the Tamil Nadu BJP has tweeted on her Twitter page about free bus travel for women. In it, she posted with factual errors that only whiteboard buses are free, the number of buses is low, that it comes only rare, and that woman has to wait for a lifetime if expect a whiteboard bus.

Fact Check:

In the case of Chennai, it is most of the bus will be identified by the name White Board (white board referring to Gayathri Raguramm). The name White Board refers to ordinary fare buses. According to a Polymer report released in May 2021 , there are about 1000 white board buses operating in Chennai as of today.

The government of Tamil Nadu has also issued a directive stating that “the government mandates that all women, including women, students and students in higher education, who travel in whiteboard buses under the control of all state transport corporations in Tamil Nadu, can travel free of charge and without a bus pass.”

Just last month, in an article we published about a video with false information published by Maridas regarding free travel for women on Tamil Nadu buses, we published the number of normal fare buses in Tamil Nadu, which are State Transport Corporation wise.

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Of the total 3233 buses in Chennai, about 1362 are normal fare buses, according to the Chennai MTC website. It was reported last month that the number of normal fare buses in Tamil Nadu would be further increased.

When we contacted the manager of the North Palani Transport Office he said, “Women can travel on white board buses for free.”

Buses have started operating in Tamil Nadu after the Corona curfew. In that connection, in the footage published in News 18 on June 21, it can be seen that even buses with digital boards operating in the Thiruvallur area have the sticker affixed as normal fare. It is also reported that women and transgender people have been travel free of cost.

Buses operating in cities like Chennai are classified as ordinary, express and deluxe. Ordinary buses are called White Board buses. It is noteworthy that only a few buses are currently operating due to the Corona curfew.


In our search, the whiteboard bus that Gayathri Raguramm refers to ordinary fare city buses. Gayathri Raguramm’s claim that the number of ordinary fare buses is low is misinformation. In the case of Chennai alone, the number of normal fare buses is over 1000. It is learned that the number of normal fare buses for women to travel for free is high.

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