This article is from Apr 19, 2021

A rumour that a female journalist who condemned the government for allowing Kumbh Mela was murdered!


Saffron terrorists killed a journalist. Saffron terrorists slander Tabligh Jamaat Today, killed the journalist who condemned the government for giving permission to Kumbh Mela!



A female journalist who was questioned about the spread of corona by the Kumbh Mela festival has been murdered by saffron terrorists, a post that has been spread on social networking sites like this by combining a photo of a murdered woman on the road, a murder video and a news video of a female journalist speaking.

Readers who have shared the viral recordings are asking about its authenticity.

Fact check:

Earlier, a video of a female journalist being murdered and a video of the murder in a photo post had been circulated with the rumour that “Love Jihad kills a Hindu woman in Delhi”.

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We had earlier published the article that the woman killed in the video was Neelu Mehta, 26, who works at the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, and that the killer was her husband Harish Mehta.

Next, a photo of a woman being murdered on the road is also a picture of the same woman who was murdered in Delhi.

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Pragya Misra, a female journalist who has gone viral for murder, has clarified the rumours circulating about her. “I am just fine at home. I was isolated at home due to COVID-19. It is rumoured that I was murdered, ” she posted on his Twitter page.



In our search, the video and photos circulating that saffron terrorists had murdered a female journalist who had condemned the government for allowing Kumbh Mela and spreading Corona were false. That was another murder in Delhi. The female journalist is able to find out if she is alive.

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