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Woman arrested for killing two who tried to rape her? Wrong photo going viral!


This heroine has killed two people who tried to rape her.

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In recent days on social media, a post spreading that claiming a young woman arrested for killing two men who tried to rape her… this post was spotted on social media sites with an old photo of a female police officer. The same post has been circulating for the past few years, including on Facebook and Twitter.

Fact Check;

Searching the photo of the woman going viral, the results showed “Suba Shankar Narayanan arrested”.

While searching for the arrest of Suba Shankar Narayanan, another photo of the same woman was released on the news website Mangalore today in 2014 saying that the Supreme Court had granted bail to the convicted woman who killed her fiance.

According to the New Indian Express, “The engagement between 27-year-old PV Krish and 21-year-old Suba Shankar Narayanan took place in November 2003 in Bangalore. Suba’s boyfriend Verma and friends attack Krish when the two go out to dinner for a few days after the engagement. Thus Krish dies.

In a related case, a Karnataka court in 2010 sentenced four people, including Suba, to life imprisonment. The Supreme Court granted bail in 2014 in a case filed by Suba when she seeking bail. ”

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In our search, the name of the woman in the photo that is being circulated as “woman being arrested for killing two people who tried to rape her” is Suba Shankar Narayanan. She was not arrested for killing two who tried to rape her. She is known to have been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing her husband by joining with her boyfriend.

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