This article is from Apr 25, 2021

Can women take the corona vaccine during menstruation?


The vaccination process for those over 18 years of age begins on May 1st. It is very important for women to check their menstrual periods before getting vaccinated. Do not get vaccinated 5 days before and after your menstrual period because the immune system is very weak during menstruation. The dose of the vaccine first lowers the immune system and then it builds immunity. Therefore the person who is vaccinated during menstruation is at high risk of getting infected.



It has been reported that the corona vaccine can be given to anyone over the age of 18 as the Indian population is increasingly affected by the second wave of corona virus. In this case, the post is being shared on social networking sites, including WhatsApp, saying that women should not be vaccinated against corona during menstruation.

In this regard, Dr. Praveen said, “There are no guidelines from any international organizations that there are restrictions on vaccination during menstruation. It has nothing to do with menstruation and immunity. Immunity remains the same during menstruation and does not decrease.

The vaccine does not reduce immunity in the first place. Only mild infections occur. It causes our immune system to develop.

Only those with allergies and pregnancy should wait to be vaccinated. Otherwise, everyone can get it. Under US guidelines, even pregnant women in the front line are allowed to get vaccinated. ”

Govt. also officially clarifies this issue after these rumours spread widely on social media via its PIB’s official Twitter handle.

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In our search, the information that women should not be vaccinated 5 days before and after menstruation is false information. It is possible to know from the doctor’s information that there is no such restriction.

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