The world’s tallest woman is Rumeysa Gelgi, not the woman seen in the viral video.


Tallest woman in the world 8 feet 10 inches

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In this viral video widely shared on social media, we can see a woman wearing a churidar in pale yellow accompanied by a red shawl flipping her long plaited hair and smiling at the camera. This video is spread with a message claiming that she is the world’s tallest woman who is 8 feet and 10 inches. Many users have shared the same video on their Facebook with similar claims which can be viewed here and here. Come, let’s see whether the said claims are true.


What’s the truth?

When we started our research using a simple Google reverse image process, we landed on the original footage uploaded by the Instagram handle namely, reet kahlon28 with a user name Lakhwinder Kaur. When we read the bio on the page of the woman, it’s written as director/CEO @hairgardensalon_official.


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It looks like she even has a separate YouTube channel where she uploads her vlogs frequently. Something that caught our attention in the viral video is the woman looks taller than normal height. But, then we watched the original video uploaded from her own Instagram page, which looked totally ordinary. Look below for the comparison of the screenshots from the viral video and the original video.

From the above two images, we can clearly say that the original video looks very normal but the edited viral video seems to be a little stretched in a way that gives the impression for the viewers that the lady looks abnormally tall. But, in reality, she is normal as seen in the original video. The other videos posted on her Instagram page also prove that she is of usual height.

Moreover, when we searched for the world’s tallest woman on the internet, we got the information that Rumeysa Gelgi from Turkey is the tallest living woman in the world according to the Guinness World Records. Her most recent measurement confirmed that she stands at a towering 215.16 cm (7ft 0.7in). Unfortunately, Rumeysa’s extraordinary height results from a rare genetic disorder called Weaver Syndrome. She also has difficulties walking and is restricted to a wheelchair most times. Despite these hurdles in life, Rumeysa continues to inspire millions around the world. She is a front-end web developer and researcher and is also known for her involvement as an activist and public speaker. 

Thus, it is perfectly clear that “Rumeysa Gelgi” is the tallest woman in the world holding Guinness Records. Meanwhile, if Lakhwinder Kaur is claimed to be the tallest woman, then definitely it would have made headlines all over India.

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Therefore, through our investigation and evidence, we conclude that Rumesya Gelgi is the tallest woman in the world whereas, Lakhwinder Kaur’s viral video was edited and circulated with false claims.

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