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Does CM Yogi Adityanath take full responsibility for a child who lost her parents ?


One night in the Banaras area, Yogiji saw a little girl lying on the road. When enquired, he was able to learn that the little girl’s guardian uncle had died recently.Since then, the girl has been facing harassment. CM Yogi immediately arranged food for the girl and ordered the district officer to put the girl in one of the good hostels nearby and to take care of the girl’s expenses including studies from his own account until she can take care of herself.



This story along with a photo of Yogi Adityanath talking to a child has been shared in large numbers on social media.

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Only June 6, Piyush Singh, on his twitter account shared the same picture of Yogi Adhityanath but with a conflicting storyline. Here, Banaras has been changed into Kasi, and the girl child becomes a boy child.

What’s the truth?

Reverse image search revealed that the picture was used in the Live Hindusthan’s article titled,”CM Yogi celebrated Diwali with Vantangia children with fireworks”

Similarly, on October 28, 2019, a website called featured the same photo taken from a different angle.

There has been no information or whatsoever on news regarding the adoption of a child by CM Yogi Adityanath.


In our search, it is clear that the child is neither an orphan who lives on the roadside nor the CM Yogi adopted her,as per the posts on social media claims.It is a picture taken during diwali celebration back in 2019.

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