Video of Yogi Adityanath’s lookalike being chased away by Police is shared with a false claim


Police chased this Yogi away from Baba Bhageshwar Dham.

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A short video clip of a person in saffron attire being chased away by police from an event is shared widely with the claim that Yogi Adityanath, CM of Uttar Pradesh was chased away by police. This claim is doing the rounds for the last few weeks and has resurfaced now. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. The caption in Hindi reads “बाबा भागेश्वर धाम से इस योगी को पुलिस ने भगाया”.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the video and further searching with relevant keywords, it is found that not Yogi Adityanath but his lookalike was chased away by police.

A video with matching visuals from the viral video is found tweeted by ‘The Summer News’ Twitter page on 24, January 2023 mentioning that “Clash happen between duplicate Yogi and police in Orchha. Duplicate Yogi got angry while police relented. This matter is related to Nitin Gadkari’s meeting.”

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A Live Hindustan article dated 23, January 2023 is found carrying a matching visual from the viral video. It mentioned that duplicate Yogi got angry when policemen asked him to get up from the front seat where he was sitting. The person who looks like the Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi Adityanath is identified as Dilip Kumar Jain, a resident of Prithvipur in Niwari district.

Live Hindustan also tweeted the video with the caption “A person who looks like Yogi Adityanath reached the program of Nitin Gadkari and CM Shivraj. The duplicate Yogi was picked up by the police when he sat in front, which enraged him. Seeing the anger, the police relented and allowed him to sit in front. The name of the person who looks like Yogi is Dilip Jain”.

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A full-length version of the viral video is found uploaded by ‘Navbharat Times’ Youtube channel on 24, January 2023 with the title “CM Yogi Duplicate Yogi Viral Video: Why did the police show the way out to the saffron-clad Yogi Baba? | Nitin Gadkari | NBT”.


It is found that Yogi Adityanath was not chased away by police in the video as claimed but the person in a saffron dress is identified as Dilip Kumar, who looks like Yogi Adityanath.

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