Yoruba sculptor Dada’s carvings are misled as happened in ancient India


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The viral Facebook post shared by the user namely “The Ancient Scientist” has claimed that the ancient art from India showcasing a bicycle along with an image where we can see a man riding it among the other carvings. The post was liked by more than 9000 people, got around 399 comments and widely circulated by some 1.8k persons.  This same picture was shared by another user in 18 October 2022 on her X account and Facebook simultaneously which can be seen here and here. Come, let’s go through the facts behind this viral image which finds its way again on top every year.

What’s the truth?

When we started with a simple reverse image process using Google we came to know that the carvings of the bicycle was the artworks of the Nigerian artist Dada, who is famously called as Aerogun (1880-1954). His works are so extraordinary that it has its own space in “The British Museum”. Another interesting fact is that the carvings are done in a door and it’s not from India.

According to the British Museum, the  door is made from wood by Master Yoruba carver, well known as Dada, also known as Areogun who was born in Osi-Ilorin in Ekiti district, Nigeria. His other works are similar with the same bicycle depicting in a door which is sold in a website namely “Lempertz” with a title “Yoruba Door”.

Meanwhile,  ‘BBC’ published the same picture of the bicycle sculptured wooden carved door with a description, “Wooden door panel carved by Dada Areogun of Osi village, Ekiti State, Nigeria, 1924”.

According to Saint Louis Art Museum, “This door shows the sculpture visualisations of a cyclist (the twisted chain would spin the wheels in the opposite directions), another person on horseback bearing a sword and gun, and posed victoriously wielding a gun and captive, smoking a pipe. The door reflected the owner’s powerful status and identity. Indigo applied on and around the horse rider’s head suggests the door was a site for ritual activity.

The artist Areogun is among the most notable documented carvers of historical Yoruba art, famous for creating doors and veranda posts of elite men as well as religious sculpture. Areogun was trained by the important sculptor Bamgbose (d.1920) and was the father of another noted Yoruba carver, George Bandele (1910–1995)”.

So, this proves that the information about the bicycle along with the caption, “Ancient India” is false and misleading.

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Thus, it is clearly evident with all the above information that, the art is not from India as claimed by the social media users. Rather it is an Yoruba art done by the renowned Nigerian artist Dada, called as Areogun who lived during the period of 1880-1954.

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