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Where was the photo of the young man who insulted the temple idol taken?


This Periyarist thief should be arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police and his leg should be broken for insulting the Hindu God.

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We saw a Facebook post claiming that “the Tamil Nadu Police should take action against a Periyar supporting youth who insulted the idol worshipped at the temple.” The post is currently being widely shared on Facebook groups calling for action against the person involved in this incident. We explored to find out where this photo was taken.


While doing a reverse image search of the photo in the claim we came to know that this post was tweeted on last May 11. A twitter profile namely “Neeraj Dwivedi TVM” tweeted as, “Asad Gautam, a resident of Kardhana village under Mirzamurad police station in Varanasi, took a photo with his foot at a Baba temple in Adampur village” and this photo is also shared in Tamil as “Action should be taken against Assad Gautam, who is said to be a member of the Beam Army”.

Twitter link | archive link

Twitter link | archive link 

Mirzamurad police have arrested and jailed Asad Kumar Gautam, a resident of Kardhana village in Varanasi, on a complaint by villagers that he had insulted religious sentiments, according to an online report by Amar Ujala.

Earlier, in a village in Varanasi, people were spreading rumours that a person in the photo with his foot on a temple idol was a Muslim. Similarly, some are spreading false information that the same incident took place in Tamil Nadu. The name of the person in the photo is Asad Kumar Gautam, who has been arrested by the police for insulting religious sentiments.


In our search, we came to know that the photo of the youth who is mentioned as a Periyarist thief should be arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police for insulting the Hindu God and claiming to break his leg did not belong to Tamil Nadu and it is also clear that the person concerned has been arrested.

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