72% of Zomata’s CoD orders paid with Rs.2000? Here’s the truth!

Zomato's comical tweet was taken seriously by many news outlets which wrote serious articles around it.


since friday, 72% of our cash on delivery orders were paid in ₹2000 notes

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On 22nd May 2023, Zomato made a social media post that 72% of their Cash on Delivery (CoD) since 19th May had been paid with Rs.2000 notes. This post came after Reserve Bank of India declaring that it would be withdrawing Rs.2000 notes from circulation and had set a cutoff date of September 30,2023. Till the cutoff time, Rs.2000 notes can be deposited into the bank accounts or exchanged in banks with limitations of Rs.20,000 per transaction. There has been some panic in the public but for the most part, demonetisation of Rs.2000 notes is not expected to have the drastic impact on the economy like the previous demonetisation of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes in November 2016. Several news outlets have reported based on the tweet by Zomato that includes India Today, Hindustan Times, NDTV, Jagran, Business Today, Times of India, Economic Times etc.

What’s the truth?

When we went to the timeline of Zomato, we were able to find the tweet in their profile. Going through other tweets, we also found another tweet about Rs.2000 notes. It was a joke that kids and adults would exchange their notes at banks or by ordering online through cash on delivery and pay with Rs.2000 notes, whereas legends won’t even have Rs.2000 notes.

Going through Zomato’s twitter handle, we could find many such witty tweets meant to be jokes.

So, this tweet that 72% Cash on Delivery orders were paid with Rs.2000 notes is another joke on the same lines. This is also confirmed by a news report from the Business Today and India Today.

Here’s a compilation of some of the instances when news outlets got it wrong and we have fact-checked them.


Zomato’s tweet about 72% of its customers paying Cash on Delivery (COD) orders with Rs.2000 notes was posted on Twitter by the company as a joke and hence not true. Many news outlets wrote articles about it thinking it to be true.

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