Diljit Dosanjh’s dedication to India at the Coachella music festival is mistranslated


So @diljitdosanjh objects when someone waves Indian tricolour during one of his concert in US. Which passport he’s carrying? Republic of KhaIistan? Shame one those Indians who listen to such 2rs artists..

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Diljit Dosanjh, a singer from Punjab, India performed at the Coachella music festival in California recently. A 0:18-second video clip purportedly showing his performance from the music festival is shared to claim that he objected when someone waves the Indian tricolor during one of his concerts in the US.

The viral post also questions if he has respect for the Indian flag. The post further claims that he said “Don’t spread hate, music belongs to everyone, not one country”

What is the truth?

Diljit Dosanjh denied the claim that he disrespected the Indian tricolor. He took to Twitter on 25, April 2023 to convey that the viral post is fake news. He asked not to spread fake news and negativity.

The post in Punjabi is roughly translated as “I said this is the flag of my country. This performance is for my country. Please Google it if you don’t understand Punjabi. Because Coachella is a big music festival, people from every country come there, so music is common to all. People should learn how to twist the right thing from someone like you. Google this too”.

Diljit Dosanjh also retweeted a tweet by Majinder Singh Sirsa. This tweet has a 0:20-second video clip of the incident claimed in the viral video mentioning that it would be better if the viral posts carry a complete video while making such claims. He further mentioned that Diljit Dosanjh dedicated his performance to India and Punjab.

His Punjabi speech mentioned in the tweet is roughly translated as “This performance is for my Punjabi brothers and sisters, a girl brought my country’s flag, this performance is to my nation, avoid negativity; music is common to all, this music is also yours”.


It is found that the claim that Diljit Dosanjh disrespected the Indian tricolor by objecting to it at the Coachella music festival is false. It is to be noted that he dedicated his performance to India.

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